Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Scholarship Essays About Yourself

Writing scholarship essays about yourself and admission essays about yourself is one of the most challenging assignments to undertake. Students get stressed when they are required to undertake this task. They know the essays will be used to judge them, yet some of them are not proficient in writing. How you write scholarship essays about yourself can earn you a scholarship to a reputable school or otherwise, irrespective of your academic papers being excellent.
There is nothing as difficult as writing essays about yourself. You are expected to blow your own trumpet, yet you should not go overboard to impress the scholarship board, and you should not give too little information, that the audience will not understand your point.
The reason why scholarship boards require students to write scholarship essays about yourself is to determine the best candidate. Although having impressive academic papers is good, in this case, best requires more. Again, best does not mean that you come from a humble background compared to other applicants, although, in some cases, this might be considered.
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When you are writing essays about yourself, you must convince the scholarship board of your suitability through demonstrating your potential, and how getting the scholarship will give you an opportunity to sharpen skills suitable for addressing prominent issues in society. Remember, academic institutions are set up to raise intellectual property.
Realise that scholarship essays about yourself are written in response to a prompt. The admission board can choose to give a prompt or otherwise. In the event you are not given a prompt, select a topic that will demonstrate your contribution to the society. When writing essays about yourself, think about issues affecting both the local community and the international community. This will give you an edge over your peers. Below are samples of likely prompts:
  • Write about one media personality who is influential to you, and explain how he/she has contributed to your present.
  • Tell us about your experience in participating in community work and explain how it has influenced your present.
  • Give us a 10-years plan of your life?
Writing essays about yourself requires skill. In fact, when you are writing scholarship essays about yourself, start the task immediately. This will help you get sufficient time to research and consult with experts if need be. Again, if you finish your work in time, you can give an experienced writer or an expert to criticize it before submitting it to the scholarship board. 

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