Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Essays about Yourself: Writing The Introduction

Among all forms of the assignments students are required to undertake, writing essays about yourself intro is the most challenging. Essays about yourself intro are designed to introduce you to your instructor; you create your personal picture to somebody you do not know. You are not sure how this person works, his/her preferences, but you must write.
Difficulty in writing essays about yourself comes in as you try to strike a balance between your strengths and weaknesses. More often than not students focus on their strengths and say something little about their weaknesses. This is an excellent way of losing points. Nobody is perfect, and greatness is achieved through seasons of failures and successes.
If, for instance, you are writing essays about yourself as a writer, it is acceptable to give an illustration of an incident or two when you miserably goofed. Then show what you learnt from the mistake you made. When talking about your weaknesses, use them to your advantage; failure in life is part of a learning process.
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 What comprises essays about yourself intro?
The content you include in your essay is largely determined by your discipline or your area of specialization. For example, if you are writing essays about yourself as a writer, your content will have a lot about writing. If you are a musician, the same will apply. Have the following points as you write essays about yourself intro:
  • Write it in first person and adopt an active voice
  • Use formal language and both long and short sentences
  • Begin the introduction with a hook
  • Each paragraph should discuss a single idea
  • The conclusion summarizes what you have discussed, and your wishes and hopes
  • Avoid all forms of errors, that is syntax errors, structural errors and linguistic errors
The human mind is inclined to think it is perfect. Therefore, even as you write essays about yourself as a writer or any other, the assumption is that the essay is without mistakes. Even after proofreading and editing severally, you will realize that a different person will notice mistakes that you did not notice. As such, do not submit an assignment without first getting an opinion from a different person.
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