Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Examples of Essays about Yourself

In the course of your study, you will write essays about yourself. Some of the essays you are likely to write include college admission essay, university admission essay, graduate admission essay or MBA admission essay. Effective tools you can use in learning how to write such essays include examples of essays about yourself.
How do you use the example of essays about yourself for learning purposes? The following steps will guide you to successful writing:
  • Identify quality samples of college essays about yourself

It is always important to have more than one example because each example places emphasis on different aspects of writing.
  • Understand factors of writing excellent essays about yourself

There is a probability of failing to notice something if you are not aware it exists.
  • Read the example more than once

If you are reading an example of college essays about yourself, the first reading is usually for the purpose of familiarization. Reading more than once opens you up to notice different things.
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  •  Take notes and discuss

Discussing especially with members of a study group will enable you to internalize concepts of writing college essays about yourself.
  • Practice

If you fail to put what you learn into practice, you will never know your areas of weakness and strength. Through practice, you become better by correcting your mistakes.
Before submitting college essays about yourself or any other form of essays to the admission board, have a critical analysis from experienced writers. Review the paper based on the critique given. Remember, there is stiff completion, and the admission board will only allocate a slot to the most competent student.
When using examples of essays about yourself for learning purposes, do not rely on it heavily or pick up ideas. You are only required to learn and move on. Admission boards and other bodies that review essays about yourself have gone through thousands of such. They know what is on the internet and other sources. Only through projecting your uniqueness will you have a chance of outdoing the rest. A personal essay whose content is characterized by information from examples of essays about yourself earns you an automatic disqualification.
Use of examples of essays about yourself should be exercised with caution. You must get examples from reliable sources. Such sources include the school library and your tutors. Writing experts are also helpful, but new entrants in the writing industry may lack the experience required to write high quality examples and consequently custom essays. 

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