Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sample Essays about Yourself

Samples and examples are critical in the learning process. In fact, you notice that every new concept introduced especially in technical subjects is followed by an example or a sample. However, in some cases students abuse the usefulness of samples and examples by first reading them before the text. The commonly abused are sample essays about yourself and example of essays about yourself.
Although students are aware that at some point they will have to write essays about yourself, most of them do not take time to prepare. So when an invitation letter comes, or an application form states that one of the requirements is a well-written essay about yourself, they rush to sample essays about yourself for ideas.
In some cases, instead of making use of examples of essays about yourself, they request experts in writing essays to write them on their behalf. Well, this will help you overcome that hurdle as has been observed in the past, what happens to your intellectual capacity? You deny yourself an opportunity to grow.
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That does not imply that students should not seek for writing help from writing experts. It does not also mean they should not use samples of essay about yourself. Make use of available sources of help when you have reasons such as ill health, time limitation due to numerous responsibilities you have to attend to among others; laziness should not be part of the reasons. Experts in writing are not only helpful when you need high quality sample essays about yourself or examples of essays about yourself, but when you also need tutorials.
During the learning process, take note of the following as you read sample essays about yourself and examples of essays about yourself:
  • The objectives of the writer
Good examples of essays about yourself should clearly demonstrate that the writer has undertaken a thorough reflection exercise.
  • Uniqueness
Boards evaluating personal essays look for an aspect that separates a candidate from the crowd. Being different gives you an advantage.
  • Ability to show
 One of the mistakes students make in writing personal essays is telling the reader instead of showing. Create a mental picture to the reader. This is achievable through the use of anecdotes.
  • Clarity
You must be clear on the goal you want to achieve. This should not be expressly stated, it is achieved by taking a specific angle, and use of linguistic devices.
If sample essays about yourself or examples of essays about yourself fall short of the above, probably you should not use them.

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